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Enrich your professional life through the program AIESEC has to offer. Our paid practices range for 3 to 12 months.

Gain international experience

work in a global environment and truly challenge you skills, knowledge and perspectives in a new market. Go beyond your role and pick up team management, time management, communication, sales and marketing skills along the


Uncover your strengths

Understand more about yourself- your passions, skills and strengths- as you challenge yourself to step into a completely new environment. Our people offer the support to guide your learning, realizations and self-discovery.

Build your Global Network

Our projects enable you to work with other passionate young people from across our diverse global network. Expose yourself to international perceptives and different cultural working styles. Network while you work, enjoy and learn about cultures from around the world.

what we offer

Marketing and Sales

Great opportunities to gain practical experience around the world  with both large and small companies

Example placements:

  • Online marketing coordinator
  • Market researcher and analyst
  • Business development excel


Help others gain access to more opportunities by developing their language skills

Example placements:

  • International business development
  • Foreign language teacher
  • Workshop coordinator

Business administration

Develop and hone your business skills while helping brilliant businesses grow

Example placements:

  • Human resource coordinator
  • Finance
  • Project manager

Information Technology

Use your technical expertise to help build a company’s capabilities

Example placements:

  • Software developer
  • Mobile developer
  • Web developer

How does it work?


Duration of the project 3-12 months

Age Limit

You should be 18-29 years old.


3rd & 4th students or recent graduates. Specific background is required, however, some opportunities may require a previous experience


You should have excellent level of English. Some opportunities may require the use of other languages

Do you meet the requirements?

Then Proceed with the following steps!

Global Talent AIESEC in Azerbaijan GT


you can register by applying on opportunities.aiesec.org 
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Selection process

Have an interview with your local AIESEC office to evaluate your skills and competencies.

Global Talent AIESEC in Azerbaijan GT


Search for opportunities that fit your profile.

Global Talent AIESEC in Azerbaijan GT

International interview

Once you find the opportunity that you like and that fits your profile, you should apply for it. In case you passed the application form stage, you will have an interview.

Global Talent AIESEC in Azerbaijan GT

Acceptance by the company and payment

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the interview with the company. The only thing missing is your payment to make it official and start a new phase of your professional life.

Global Talent AIESEC in Azerbaijan GT 

Begin to enrich your professional life abroad

What we do best

Personalized support: you will be provided with a review of your CV and interview preparation.

Logistical support: you will also be provided with all necessary documents in order to get a visa.

Individual leadership development learning program: tailored support to help you make the most of your experience

You can never be 100% ready! That’s why we are here!
We will be glad to support you as you take your first step outside your comfort zone. And from there you will grow as a role model for others.
The world is more connected than ever before; it requires leaders who can work together and empathize. Gain a new appreciation and understanding of diversity and culture.