STARTER’17 – The first National Conference of the term 17/18

The AIESEC conference is an event, where every single piece of our actions (membership, the power of our vision, the work, our network etc) start/continue making sense & create a massive learning experience. It is a powerful weekend full of knowledge, fun and new/old friends. The conference is an opportunity for the members to receive trainings, develop strategy, discuss issues, demonstrate leadership, learn and share about cultural differences, network &  have loads of fun.

STARTER is a national conference of AIESEC in Estonia in which three LCs with different profiles of Executive Board, Full Members, Team Members, and new members of AIESEC in Estonia, who envision a culture of going an extra mile for impactful growth, will be participating.

The Theme of the Conference: Going an Extra Mile

Organizer of the conference was LC Tartu and it was held in Kõrveküla Põhikool on the 13th-15th October.

Our goals for the conference were:

  • Set the culture and energy of our entire 17/18 year
  • Help new members to understand how, what and why we do in AIESEC
  • Enjoy the organizational culture

Shortly, in STARTER’17 we learned and discussed topics like:

  • The purpose of AIESEC’s existence and the unique way we achieve it.
  • AIESEC’s unique platform to allow students to become leaders through practical experience.
  • LCP elections
  • Functional track, where the members got their basic knowledge on what they are going to do in their function.

In the conferences we had lot’s of trainings and discussions, but we also had lot’s of energizers, traditions, games, coffee and snack breaks, socializing, external coming to share her story and knowledge on different topics. The conference was held in English and included a lot of different nationalities.

In the end we archieved all our goals which were set. It was very fun weekend with a lot of AIESECers. See you soon at the AnnualConference!

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