How to Travel Light

Summer is here, which for many of us means adventures, travelling around and discovering new places whether that be aboard or road tripping across your home country. To make the experience more comfortable we have put together a list of tips how to travel light and how to decide what you should pack with you and what items you can leave behind.


1. Before we even get to packing, we need something where to store our things- meaning a comfortable carry on. Do invest into a good carry-on. It is a mistake I make all the time: thinking that my current suitcase is good enough and I always forget what is feels to literally carry it around instead of strolling around with it. If you prefer a suitcase, the easiest to carry around are with 4 wheels, and even some backpacks do come with wheels. Often times carry-ons themselves weigh differently, so do get the lightest one.

2. Before moving to the list of items to take with you, let’s talk more about bags to travel with. One quite popular advice is to get a bit smaller bag than what you are normally used to traveling with to insure that only the necessary things come with you to the trip.

3. One of the things that always takes too much room in the bag are different toiletries (e.g hair products, deodorant, and toothpaste). Unless you’re traveling to a remote village with no electricity or running water, purchase all of your toiletries at your destination, and leave these bulky items behind and save room in your bag.

4. Netanya Trimboli, Communications Manager at Hostelling International USA has recommended to go through a list of qualities a clothing item needs to have in order to travel light

Your ideal travel clothing is durable, takes up minimal space and weight, is wrinkle-free and opaque, and matches with the rest of your clothing in style and fit.

Versatile, low-maintenance clothing is key to packing light. Consider these 5 factors that make an article of clothing desirable when traveling and aim to have each piece you bring satisfy at least 3 of them:

  • Comfortable for touring around, but can be dressed up for the evening
  • Is appropriate for cool or warm weather
  • Doesn’t show stains
  • Folds up small
  • Coordinates well with almost everything else you’re bringing

 5. Only pack enough clothes for 7 days, no matter how long you’re traveling for. It is easier to find a laundromat once a week than it is to carry all of the extra weight around with you the entire trip.


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