How to Get Better at Being a Leader?

Creator of Global Leadership Summit Bill Hybles once said: “Everybody wins when a leader gets better”.

But how does a leader get better at… being a leader?

I think the secret formula of being a great leader is realizing that leadership is about moving things forward. Moving from point A to point B, and this concept is applicable to all various aspects in one’s life, whether that is in be relationships, personal goals, HR or business development. Leadership comes from within you. Leadership is something that cannot be learnt in a class room or only from textbooks, it requires practice.

AIESEC is very passionate about developing young leaders and how we do it is through providing young people with the opportunities of cross cultural exchange to integrate in a new culture and work in challenging situation.

AIESEC has broken down leadership development into 4 parts:.

Being a world citizen

You cannot change the world around you, if you do not understand it. AIESEC provides youth with the opportunities to explore new cultures while building their professional portfolios, creating a killer CV and developing essential soft skills.


AIESEC experiences develop self -awareness in youth. These experiences provide plenty of challenges and puts a young person into an environment where they have an opportunity to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, which is a major step in their formation towards becoming an excellent leader.

Being solution oriented

These leadership experiences enable the youth To have the mind set and the courage to step into messy situations, and instead of complaining, take action to solve complex problems.

To empower others.

Growing in your empathy and the ability to see qualities in others that they themselves might be oblivious to. Making sure that through effective communication and encouragement you are able to be part of someone else’s journey of moving from point A to point B

What is your point B?? The best time to start self-development is now, not a month or a year or 10 years from now. Opportunities will come and go but don’t you want to grow personally to be able to accomplish anything professionally. Create your own story. Check out the amazing opportunities AIESEC has for you!

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