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Weak rays of sunshine marking my bed in the early morning touched my feet as I was laying comfortably in the warm sheets of my bed. Such a cozy start of the day, but human mind is never satisfied with simple small things – it is always striving for more, reaching higher, and staying hungry. Thus, I was casually contemplating life. Such a small particle of the world thinking of how it can be noticed. Most importantly, what is the mark I leave? How will I be remembered after I’m gone?

World gives you many reasons to feel so small, so insignificant. Nevertheless, there are two ways to look at the same situation. You either feel small and insignificant or you feel like part of something bigger and you contribute. Just like a pawn on the chess board. Crucial player, yet so underestimated. What we forget is that even a pawn can gloriously win a game with a checkmate. Jaw dropping move – you go out of your comfort zone and you strike to Estonish others, my proud Estonian fellow. That’s how you leave your mark in the world.

To everyone’s surprise, the unknown pawn wins a game with a checkmate.

This idea slipped through my mind and with several deep breaths led by self-confirmation I remembered! Memories started flashing through my mind as if I started watching a movie but it soon turned out to become a stream of consciousness as different fragments began gathering into pieces. The big picture finally emerged.

I’m 13. Conformist young person lost in her thoughts and completely dependent on others. Living with a narrow-minded approach towards literally everything. I am a part of my friends group, class in school, and family. That’s it. Seems more than enough as the feeling of belonging is as desirable as chewing glass.

I’m 16. Getting to understand who I am and what role I play in the society. I now understand I am a part of a family and of people surrounding me. Not sure yet how to call these people but sure enough that something bonds us together. Language? Culture? Mentality?

I’m 18. I just got an opportunity to vote, realized the need for strong and capable leaders for my country because it’s my homeland and I want the best for it. I proudly identify myself as a part of family, society and the country.

Most importantly, what is the mark I leave? How will I be remembered after I’m gone?

I’m 21. I set my mind towards showing my unique mentality as I experience living abroad. Now I identify myself with my homeland, language, and people. We are united in our mindset and we are unique in our cultural way. The world needs to know about that, though not necessarily everyone – at least several people. Those whose lives you influence or those with whom your life paths cross during your journey. Your legacy is every life you touch, so go out to Estonish, to impact, to search and to learn. This will be your legacy, your unique contribution.

Every time outside homeland, you are the ambassador of your country and culture, so represent it proudly, set your goals to Estonish the World.

Lithuania. September 2018

Julija Sesok: Ambitious dreamer, determined achiever. True AIESECer

Content writer.

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