AIESEC in Estonia Leadership

Current Head Office of AIESEC in Estonia consists of 6 individuals from 4 different countries.  Unlike any other organization with this scale, AIESEC elects a new National President annually, whom then selects a new leadership team to lead and manage the national network. The ever-evolving dynamic nature of AIESEC enables it to stay true to the roots of being youth-run for youth since its founding in 1948.

Our National Leadership Team (MC)

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Libby Chiu

Executive Director of AIESEC in Estonia & Director of Talent Management, Taiwan

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Edom Tsegaye

Director of Public Relation, Ethiopia

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Amy Corcoran

Director of Incoming Global Volunteering/ Finance, Canada

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Thisa Phan

Director of Incoming Global Talent/ Business Development, Canada

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Alexander Chang

Director oft Business to Customer, Canada

Our Local Branch

AIESEC in Tartu

  • 372 5569 6946
  • Raatuse 22, Tartu, Estonia


  • 372 5815 0812
  • narva mnt25, Tallinn, Estonia


  • 372 5551 8934
  • Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn, Estonia