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The National Leadership Team of AIESEC in Estonia is constituted by 4 individuals from 4 different continents. AIESEC is the one of the few global organizations that renews it’s leadership body every year, allowing young people from all over the world to engage in any of our host countries. If you wish to contact us please check the information below.

Driss Zine-Eddine
TM Vice-President
Contact him if you…
Are interested in Joining AIESEC or would like to know about our development model.

Haseeb Sahaak
Finance & Legal Vice-President
Contact him if you…
Have any questions regarding our legal procedures or status.

Sergio Carvajal
B2C+iGV Vice-President
Contact him if you…
Are a young person interested in our international experiences or a local organization seeking to boost your projects with international volunteers.

Olya Mykytyshyn
National President – CEO
Contact her if you…
If you are a company or StartUp interested in finding the best international young talent.

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Heleri Heinrand
Local Committee President

Gert Jürjo
Local Committee President

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