STARTER’17 – The first National Conference of the term 17/18

The AIESEC conference is an event, where every single piece of our actions (membership, the power of our vision, the work, our network etc) start/continue making sense & create a massive learning experience. It is a powerful weekend full of knowledge, fun and new/old friends. The conference is an opportunity for the members to receive trainings, develop strategy, discuss issues, demonstrate leadership, learn and share about cultural differences, network &  have loads of fun.

STARTER is a national conference of AIESEC in Estonia in which three LCs with different profiles of Executive Board, Full Members, Team Members, and new members of AIESEC in Estonia, who envision a culture of going an extra mile for impactful growth, will be participating.

The Theme of the Conference: Going an Extra Mile

Organizer of the conference was LC Tartu and it was held in Kõrveküla Põhikool on the 13th-15th October.

Our goals for the conference were:

  • Set the culture and energy of our entire 17/18 year
  • Help new members to understand how, what and why we do in AIESEC
  • Enjoy the organizational culture

Shortly, in STARTER’17 we learned and discussed topics like:

  • The purpose of AIESEC’s existence and the unique way we achieve it.
  • AIESEC’s unique platform to allow students to become leaders through practical experience.
  • LCP elections
  • Functional track, where the members got their basic knowledge on what they are going to do in their function.

In the conferences we had lot’s of trainings and discussions, but we also had lot’s of energizers, traditions, games, coffee and snack breaks, socializing, external coming to share her story and knowledge on different topics. The conference was held in English and included a lot of different nationalities.

In the end we archieved all our goals which were set. It was very fun weekend with a lot of AIESECers. See you soon at the AnnualConference!

10 Reasons Why You Should Join AIESEC

From the first day I joined AIESEC, I knew that it’s the beginning of a life-changing journey. I faced a lot of struggles but every struggle made me learn a new lesson and I keep learning about other fields, taking new positions and facing new challenges, which helped in developing my leadership skills. I also discovered what is happening in the world from problems and wars and I got aware why we should take steps and search for solutions to reach peace.
If I continue describing how AIESEC changed my life I won’t finish and if you have been asking yourself why you need to join it, here are 10 reasons why you should:

1. You will have an experience more valuable than your degree:

Do you want to keep studying and not execute what you learned? Do you want to stay in your comfort zone? Well, you won’t develop anything if you don’t experiment your information. AIESEC is the right place to shape your future by taking its opportunities and making a difference.

2. You will develop your leadership skills :

AIESEC will provide you with a dynamic environment in which you will be able to apply your leadership abilities on a global scale, improve your skills and challenge your own perspectives about yourself and the world around you.

3. You will discover the world:

AIESEC is about exchange it is the core product and all of those changes come from it, change of mind, change of soul and every change you will go through. It is the perfect opportunity for you to go explore new horizons, it is about creating an impact while traveling and exploring the world through the different volunteering and internship opportunities we offer to youth.

4. You will become a world citizen:

You will get the chance to experience different cultures, traditions, and feelings that connect with others and open your eyes to a new world and through that, you will break all the stereotypes.

5. You will build a wide international network:

By developing international friendships and creating new professional relationships, you will have a very wide network that can be beneficial to you in all the areas of your life.

6. You will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals:

AIESEC contributes to achieving UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by mobilizing and developing young leaders to create awareness, seek for solutions and take action to reach peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.

7/ You will discover your passions:

I am a medicine student and before joining AIESEC I was just seeking to develop myself in this field, but after I joined it I discovered that I love marketing and from that moment I became eager to develop my skills and to learn more about it.

Joining AIESEC is like having an internal world just for you, so you will have the time to find your passion and to develop what you really love to do.

8. You will learn new skills, new languages, new things:

By joining AIESEC you will get the chance to acquire new skills in different fields, such as negotiation skills, public speaking, problem-solving and many others, and the best part about it is that you will have the chance to apply and experiment with these skills. It’s a great opportunity, isn’t it?

9. You will develop a strong personal brand:

The moment you find your passion and you start supporting it with all the skills that you developed, you will create a strong personal brand in that field through AIESEC’s leadership opportunities, whether it is in Marketing or Business Development or any other field.

10. It’s all about memories:

You will feel it when you become an AIESECer and you just start talking with your friend about AIESEC 24H/Day, it’s all about memories and the great moments you lived while changing your life for the best.

6 Questions For Start-Up Shipitwise Marketing manager

Viktorija describes herself as 20 something years old rebel who moved to Estonia from Lithuania.  After couple of years in university she decided to leave and move to another country to see what will happen. So far she does not regret any of her decision.

We met up on an untypically warm and rainy February night in an upcoming hipster neighborhood in Tallinn. Had a cup of tea and a lively discussion about start-ups, start-up culture in Estonia and how Vik has made her way into all of this.

What do you do exactly?
I study in Estonian Business School and as well I work in Shipitwise as a marketing manager. I am a growth hacker. The start-up is very new and fresh and is in a developing stage. My goal is to make the start-up grow.

So, I must ask, why start-up?
After finishing my AIESEC experience, everything was circulation around start-ups and everything seemed very sexy about it and I did not see myself getting into a corporate world. Start-ups are very flexible, they have a different work flow then traditional companies, start-ups are very global, and as a non-Estonian speaker that environment suited me very well.
I recommend being part of a start-up because of an idea and mission, because it is different, because it is interesting, and there is a lot of room for personal growth. Start up is an experiment, and I would recommend it for a young person likes a bit of chaos. You learn everyday something new, you become stress resistant, and you become faster learner. I find people to be bit different in start-ups: They are more open minded and it seems to me that Estonian start-ups in general are more culturally diverse, more tolerant, more collaborative then other companies, which makes it very unique place where to work. I feel like if I were to sit in my office just for the whole day, I would learn a lot just by being there. So it is a place full of energy, ideas and learning and sometimes it seems like the room is about to explode because the room cannot contain all of it. But start-up is also about actions. You have the confidence to do it because you have people around who will guide you, mentor you, give advice, and you get the sense that you are not doing it on your own.

Well, is your typical work day sexy then?
Yes, it is actually. I would not say that I wake up and feel sexy, it is not about that.But every day it feels like I am doing something that is actually needed and it feels like I am learning at the same time. At the end of day I feel like I gave something that I have and took from it as well. Everyday ends with a win-win situation. It is a very sexy job.

 How has your time in AIESEC contributed to your current career?
So when I joined AIESEC 3,5 years ago I started very randomly: I was a member, a project manager, I was part of Human Resources, then I found myself being on communications team, which turned out into marketing team and at that point I knew little about marketing or communications. But I decided to put effort into it, I was learning about the topic, I studied a lot. And I discovered that I really liked it. I was drawn to it because it is not stable. The world of marketing and communications is constantly changing, you need to learn all the time and know what is happening in the field. It is like computer software that needs to be constantly updated. When I moved to Estonia, I got a position in AIESEC National Board as a Vice president of Marketing and I thought that I was going to share my knowledge, experience, working on what I know but I learned a freaking a lot during that year.

When it comes to recruiting, what do you think start-ups need?
It is hard to say start-ups in general, every start-up has their own needs, own directions, but for what I personally see is that, especially young start-ups, they need to recruit a dynamic team because in the beginning it is all about the team, and if the team cannot work together, the start-up cannot move forward. I still don’t know what magic they do in Shipitwise, but the team is insanely great. Like really.

What might Estonian start-ups look like in the near future?
I believe in the next couple of years we will probably see more virtual reality on the market, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, because this is what has become sexy right now and will attract young people.


#3 AIESECer’s Leadership Story – Dajana

Dajana, member of incoming global volunteering team in local committee Tallinn University


Ma olin sündinud Eestis. Kogu minu elu ma elasin Eestis. Minu vanemad olid sündinud Eestis. Mul on eesti rahvuslikkus. Kuid aga inimesed küsivad, mis on minu rahvus, ma ei oska vastata sellele küsimusele. Miks? Minu ema on pool venelane ja pool sakslane. Minu isal on sugulased Venemaalt, Ukrainast ja Soomest. Minu emakeel on vene, aga mul on saksa perekonnanimi 2 grammaatilise viguga (mis teeb seda tegelikult juudiks). Kes ma olen siis? Ma isegi ise ei tea seda. Ma olen täiesti paljurahvuseline laps ja ma olen uhke selle üle, et olen nii paljude kultuuride segu näide.

Miks ma rääkisin sellest praegu? Ma lihtsalt tean, et absolüütselt kõik inimesed maailmas on erinevad. Igaüks on kuidagi unikaalne. Isegi kui sa oled sadaprotsendiliselt eestlane või sadaprotsendiliselt venelane, ei ole teist inimest, kes on sada protsendiliselt eestlane või sadaprotsendiliselt venelane sama isloomuga nagu sina. Ma usun, et igaühel on oma arvamus, oma unistused, oma eesmärgid, oma väärtused, oma kultuur jne. Kõik need erinevad inimesed erinevate mõttede ja ideedega peavad elama kuidagi koos ühel planeedil. Siin on ainult üks viis, et seda teha. Meil ei ole teist valikut, et lihtsalt teine teist aktsepteerida, aktsepteerida meie erinevusi.

Ma mõtlen, et kui sa saad seda teha, sa võtad maailmast palju rohkem kui enne seda. See on põhjus, miks ma olen organisatsiooni AIESEC liige. AIESEC on täis erinevvate tudegitega erineevatest kultuuridest. Millest me räägiksime, kui oleksid kõik ühesugused? AIESEC-eritega on alati olemas midagi uurida. Iga päev ma saan teada midagi uut minu sõpradest AIESEC-ist. Ma tunnen, et mul on päris lai silmaring ja ma olen valmis suhtlema mistahees inimesega. Ma ei karda erinevusi inimestes. See on isegi vastupidi mminuga. Nad meeldivad mulle. Ma tean, et ma olen täis empaatiaga ja ma tahan jagada seda ühiskonnaga. Ma tean ka, et ma ei saa muuta maaiklma üksinda, ainult kõik koos me saame teha seda. Mitmekultuurilisus ühindab AIESEC-ereid ja teeb meid tugevaks. Me oleme kõik erinevad, aga me oleme üks suur pere.

Nüüd on sinulgi võimalus olla osa AIESECist ja arendada ennast! Ühine meiega:


AIESEC Tartus juhatus 16/17 – Teet

Teet, 20
Tartu Ülikool, saksa keel ja kirjandus
AIESEC Tartus, väljaminevad projektid


  1. Mis filmi pealkiri sobiks kirjeldama sinu elu?
    Arvan, et „Gone with the wind“ kirjeldab mind hästi. Olen teatud mõttes selline vaba ja vahest väga udu hing.
  2. Kelleks sa tahtsid väiksena saada?
    Olen suhteliselt kindel, et tahtsin kas presidendiks või kuningaks saada. Olin noorelt juba ambitsioonikas ning võimujanuline.
  3. Mida sa soovitaksid inimestele, kes on esimest korda juhipositsioonil?
    Fancy ametikoha nimetus on küll tore ja hea, aga peab arvestama, et sellega kaasneb ka suurem vastutus. Ei tasu kandideerida kõrgemale kohale kui ei olda valmis selle jaoks ka rohkem tööd tegema.
  4. Mis on sinu parim isikuomadus? Aga halvim?
    Mu parim isikuomadus on arvatavasti mu rõõmsameelne olek. Proovin kõike positiivse valguse all näha. Samuti olen avameelne suhtleja, kellele meeldib inimestega tegeleda.
    Halb minu juures võib olla vähene usk enda ideedesse. Kahtlen pidevalt oma oskustes ja mõtetes, mis takistavad mul oma täitpotentsiaali täitmist.
  5. Kui sa saaksid valitseda maailma, siis mida sa muudaksid esimesel päeval?
    Ma toetaks taastuvate energiaallikate kasutamist ning rohelise tehnoloogia arendamist. Inimeste vaheline läbisaamine on ka oluline, aga kui me keerame oma planeedi pekki, siis pole ka enam inimesi, kelle õiguste eest seista.


  6. Milline on sinu unistuste töökoht?
    Filmi monteerija või režissöör. Olen pikemat aega juba videode tegemise ja töötlmisega tegelenud. Filmindus pakub võimaluse avaldada visuaalselt peas toimuvaid mõtteid, mis on minu arust ülilahe. Tegelikult kõik ametikohad, mis nõuavad mingisigust kunsti/disaini oskust, sobivad mulle.
  7. Kui sa saaksid valida endale ühe supervõime, siis mis see oleks?
    Ülipraktiline oleks võime elada uneta. Nagu boom! Kohe 7-12 tundi päevas rohkem, et tegeleda oma tööasjadega. Aga ennast tundes jääksin siiski vist ajahätta.
  8. Mis on esimene asi, mida sa vaatad/märkad vastassoo juures?
    Üldiselt märkan inimeste puhul esimesena nende peakuju – kas on ümar, ovaalne või pannkook.
  9. Mis värvi on sinu hambahari?
    Mul on 6 hambaharja. 2 rohelist kodus, 1 hall Tartus, 1 sinine Tallinnas ja 2 punast kotis.
  10. Kuidas sa veenaksid kedagi tegema midagi sellist, mida ta teha ei taha?
    Ma uuriks välja, mis on tema põhjendused, miks ta ei taha. Siis arutaksin temaga, kas see võiks talle kuidagi kasuks tulla ja tuua välja eelised ning miinused.


Teet, 22

University of Tartu, German language and literature
AIESEC in Tartu, outgoing exchange

  1. Which movie’s headline suits the best to describe your life?
    I would say „Gone with the wind“ because I am a very freespirited but sometimes also really forgetfull.
  2. Who did you want to become when you were little?
    I am pretty sure that I wanted to become a king or president. You could say that I had big ambitions (and a lust for power)
  3. What would you recommend to a person who is a leader for the first time?
    A fancy job title is great, but you have to be ready to work for it. I wouldn’t recommen becoming a leader if you are not willing to take on the responibilities.
  4. What is your best characteristic? What is the worst?
    My best if my positivity. I have a pretty great outlook on life. Also I am really open and make friends really quickly.

    My worst quality is that I doubt myself too often. I don’t belive in my ideas, skills. It does not allow me to use 100% of my potential.
  5. If you could rule the world, what would be the first thing you want to change?
    I would develope green energy more, and give it more financial support. Solving problems between humans is also really important, but if we destroy our planet, then everybody will be screwed.
  6. What is your dream job?
    Working as a film director or a editor in post production. I have been doing some videos as a hobby. Basically ever job that is linked to art or disain suits me.
  7. If you could choose a superpower what would you choose?
    It would be so practical if I wouldn’t need to sleep. I mean boom 7-12 extra hours per day to do stuff. But knowing me I will still run out of time.
  8. What is the first thing you notice about the person from the opposite sex?
    In general the first thing I notice about people is their head shape (is it oval, round or a potato).
  9. What color is your toothbrush?
    Well I have 2 green ones at home, one grey in Tartu, one blue in Tallinn and 2 red ones in my backbag.
  10. How would you convince someone to do something one doesn’t want to do?
    I would try to find the reason why he/she does not want to do it. Then I would try to have a conversation and  bring out the pros and cons.

AIESEC Tartus juhatus 16/17 – Anna

Anna, 22
Tartu Ülikool, sotsiaaltöö ja sotsiaalpoliitika
AIESEC Tartus, president


  1. Mis filmi pealkiri sobiks kirjeldama sinu elu?
    Animafilm “Brave”, kuigi ma pole seda ise näinud. Paljud sündmused, mis on mind elus oluliselt kujundanud, on toimunud just tänu sellele, et olen võtnud julguse kokku ja astunud selle elumuutva sammu.
  2. Kelleks sa tahtsid väiksena saada? 
    Mina olen üks nendest vähestest, kellel väga selliseid unistusi polnud. Mäletan, et umbes 10-aastaselt nägin telekast Lizzie McGuire’i filmi ja sealt tekkis tahtmine hakata lauljaks. Aga sinnapaika see jäi ka.
  3. Mida sa soovitaksid inimestele, kes on esimest korda juhipositsioonil? 
    Kindlasti soovitaksin kuulata teisi ja olla avatud mõtteviisiga – kõik uus ei pruugi alati olla halb. Samuti soovitaks olla julge ning võtta vastutust. Kõige olulisemaks pean ka tahet ennast arendada – juhipositsioon annab selleks tohutult hea võimaluse!
  4. Mis on sinu parim isikuomadus? Aga halvim? 
    Minu parim isikuomadus on see, et ma julgen võtta vastutust. Minu halvim isikuomadus on see, et ma võin vahepeal vägagi laisk olla ja venitada asjadega nii kaua kui võimalik. Samas on stressiolukorras ja pealesuruv aeg parimad motivaatorid, miks asjad kiirelt ära teha.
  5. Kui sa saaksid valitseda maailma, siis mida sa muudaksid esimesel päeval? 
    Ma tahaksin, et mehed ja naised oleksid võrdsed. Eriti mis puudutab rahateenimist. (SDG #10)

    AIESEC Tartu_Anna2

  6. Milline on sinu unistuste töökoht? 
    Minu unistuste töökoht on selline, kus ma saan inimestega suhelda, ent samas tahaks ka vahepeal omaette mingit paberimajandust teha. See võiks olla põnev, mis oleks heaks põhjuseks hommikul üles ärgata. Kindlasti see ei tohiks olla ametikoht, mida täidan lihtsalt sellepärast, et raha saada.
  7. Kui sa saaksid valida endale ühe supervõime, siis mis see oleks? 
    Ma arvan, et ma tahaksin olla nagu Flash – superkangelane, kes jookseb väga kiiresti ja loeb tuhandeleheküljelise raamatu ära paari sekundiga. Sellise võime abil saaksin ma rohkem maailma näha näiteks 🙂 Või lugeda kiiremini raamatuid (deep inside mulle väga meeldib raamatute lugemine, aga mul lihtsalt pole aega selle jaoks).
  8. Mis on esimene asi, mida sa vaatad/märkad vastassoo juures? 
    Välimuse juures – silmad. Kui me alustame vestlust, ma loodan selle inimesega n-ö ära klikkida ning loodan, et meil on igavesti kestvad, sügavasisulised ja tähendusrikkad vestlused.
  9. Mis värvi on sinu hambahari? 
    Hetkel on see sinine/valge. Varsti ostan uue.
  10. Kuidas sa veenaksid kedagi tegema midagi sellist, mida ta teha ei taha? 
    Kui on olemas mingisugune kasutegur, siis ma rõhuks sellele.

    AIESEC Tartu_Anna3
    Anna, 22
    University of Tartu, social work and social policy
    AIESEC in Tartu, local committee president

  1. Which movie’s headline suits the best to describe your life?
    Cartoon “Brave”, although I haven’t seen it. A lot of things that have happened to me are mainly because I have taken myself together and stepped that brave and lifechanging step. 
  2. Who did you want to become when you were little?
    I’m one of those few people who didn’t have these kind of dreams. I remember when I was around 10 years old and I saw “Lizzie McGuire the Movie” on TV and then I decided to become a singer. There the thoughts are.
  3. What would you recommend to a person who is a leader for the first time?
    I’d definitely recommend to listen to others and be open-minded – not everything, that’s new, might be bad. I’d also suggest to be brave and take responsibility. For me the most important thing is the willingness to self-develop – leadership position gives a lot of opportunities for it!
  4. What is your best characteristic? What is the worst?
    My best characteristic is that I take responsibility quite easily. My worst characteristic is that sometimes I can get very lazy and I’m procrastinating as long as possible. On the other hand, doing things in stress situations and close deadlines are really good motivators to complete tasks quickly. 
  5. If you could rule the world, what would be the first thing you want to change?
    I’d like men and women to be equal, especially when it concerns salaries. (SDG #10)
  6. What is your dream job?
    My dream job is something where I could communicate with people, but on the other hand I’d like to work alone with the paperwork. It should be exciting enough to be a good reason to wake up in the morning. It definitely shouldn’t be a position which I’m taking just to get some money.
  7. If you could choose a superpower what would you choose?
    I think I’d like to be the Flash – a comic book super hero, who runs very fast and reads a thousand-page book within seconds. With this ability I could see the world even more 🙂 Or read books faster (because deep inside I really like to read books, but I just don’t have time for this).
  8. What is the first thing you notice about the person from the opposite sex?
    From appearance – eyes. When we start to communicate, I hope to “click” with the other person and have neverending, deep and meaningful conversations.
  9. What color is your toothbrush?
    Right now it’s blue and white. But soon I’ll buy a new one. 
  10. How would you convince someone to do something one doesn’t want to do?
    If that someone has some kind of benefit from it, I’d focus on that.

Joonas vabatahtlikuna Rumeenias

Läksin sellel suvel kuueks nädalaks välismaale vabatahtlikuks eesmärgiga kogeda midagi uut ja vahest leida ka motivatsiooni järgnevaks ülikooliaastaks. Plaan veeta suvi kusagil, kuhu ma varem sattunud polnud, oli prioriteet number üks ja saatuse tahtel leidsin ennast juuli keskel Rumeeniast. Ma ei saa küll öelda, et ma oleks sinna täiesti juhuslikult sattunud. Projekti töökirjeldust (õpetada gruppi keskkooliõpilasi teemadel nagu motivatsioon, karjääri planeerimine, aja planeerimine jne) lugedes jõudsin veendumusele, et mul endal on neid teemasid, mida noortele õpetama pidin, just kõige rohkem vaja, nii et miks mitte kaks ühes – seiklus ja vaimne areng.

Vaatamata sellele, et ma eelnevalt Rumeeniast üsna negatiivseid eelarvamusi omasin, ja Rumeeniasse jõudes varaöise mustlaskultuuriga kokku puutumise tagajärjel enda sealse eksistentsi üle tõsiselt juurdlema hakkasin, oli sinna minek parim otsus. Näha ja kuulda, kuidas Rumeenia eluolu tagasihoidlikku malli surutud noored tänu sinule endasse uskuma hakkavad ja elult midagi enamat ootavad, oli meeliülendav. Olin vist unustanud, kui hea tunne on teha head ilma midagi vastu ootamata.

Kokkuvõttes andis see vabatahtlik kogemus mulle palju enamat, kui ma enne isegi loota oleks osanud. Sain omale häid sõpru, kellega siiamaani suhtlen, veetsin seal suve lõbusamad nädalad ja õppisin Rumeenia eluolu kogedes efektiivselt improviseerima ja erinevatest olukordadest välja pugema – kulub tulevikus kindlasti ära!