Millennials, Are We Truly a Tech Savvy Generation?

The millennials. There are gazillion titles and ways to categorize us and define us. One of the numerous characteristics of Millennials is that we are the tech generation or at least this is how we are constantly referred to and how we like to see ourselves. You know, when your mom can’t figure out why wifi is not connecting on her phone and you’re the one who has to solve the problem, or how we have an app for every life situation, and let’s not forget the crazy amount of social media we consume.

On average teenagers spend 6-9 hours per day on their social media platforms, digital marketing is the new way to reach the younger generation and the Millennials are changing the way we interact with others.

As reported by Millennials choose their holiday destination based on the “Instragrammabilityt” of the location.

Gary Vaynerchuk predicts during the next few years online dating (app based dating) will become a new norm.

And according to :“Millennials tend to opt out of cable-television services. A study found 26% of millennials have never had pay-TV services, but more than 70% take advantage of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu“

We are the generation who has never lived without technology. And it’s easy to agree with the statement that Millennials’ love for social media usage is changing the way of business making and ways of communication, but is this enough to claim that the Millennials are also a tech savvy generation?

I was surprised when I read an article published by, which stated that

report by the nonprofit Change the Equation, which focuses on science, tech, engineering and math literacy, shows that some 58 percent of millennials have failed to master tech skills that help increase workplace productivity. The number is more surprising given that they spend 35 hours per week using digital media, the report states. A full 19 percent of millennials fall into the “Below Level 1” category, indicating that they “would have trouble sorting email responses to a party invitation into pre-existing folders to keep track of who can and cannot attend,” the report said. The person at the lowest skill level earns 40 percent less than the person at the highest skill level when you hold other characteristic constant,” said Rosen. About 80 percent of middle-skilled jobs required technology skills, and this number is expected to grow

Although claims that 44% of Millennials say they have the latest and greatest personal devices, and embrace more easily new IT strategies, it does not mean that on average Millennials are tech savvy. In the near future as stated by we will be able to see the clear distinction between the tech savvy one’s and most likely the clearest indication will be the differences in salaries.