The previous and upcoming events of AIESEC in TLU

The importance of the Team buildings in a company/organisation

It takes great leadership to build great teams. It takes fun & motivational planned events to build trusting environment. According to John Castro, the CEO of Merrill Corporation, “Trust is critical in business because it can make or break a team, and business can no longer survive without teams.”

Team building is beneficial for the team as a whole. That means that you get together with your whole group for a fun activity that is completely unrelated to work. It helps to build trust, friendship and get to know each of your team members as an individual person rather than just a co-worker.

In AIESEC in Tallinn University, team buildings are so to say obligatory for each team. In the beginning it might feel that people are kind of forced to communicate, but through that they can discover that they enjoy the interaction & continue to network & bond. Those who previously may not have been getting along will get to interact with each other on a more relaxed ground, forgetting their differences in order to overcome an obstacle as they work together for a common goal. Therefore, team building is the key to create opportunities for networks & friendships to develop

For you as a leader, team building means that you are investing the time to understand how your team members function and what is needed to motivate them to take that extra step. Knowing how all of your team members as individuals think helps to make wise decisions to better utilize their competencies at all times.

You, as a team, can have a great evening dining in a local restaurant or challenge yourselves in an adventure park – the options are limitless, but always remember that a great team building does not necessary mean lot’s of organizing and high expenses, sometimes the simplicity is the key. The people participating matter. For example we, the Executive Board of AIESEC in Tallinn University, had our latest team bonding in Kuulsaal playing bowling, having some light snacks and just enjoying each others company.

In that sense Kuulsaal and AIESEC share the same value – enjoying participation. Kuulsaal also holds fun events for its workers to enjoy each others company outside of work and spend time together. Furthermore, Kuulsaal was kind enough to provide us with gift cards, so keep your eyes on us and find out when and how we are giving them away!

With that said, it’s Thursday – you may be looking for something to do. Whether you think it’s a sport or not, go to Kuulsaal, bowl a few games, and just have some fun. Maybe you’ll even find it is a common interest and start having it as a regular event with the group of work buddies to have a good time on Thursday nights.



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