How To Buy Cheap Plane Tickets?

Getting the best priced plane tickets is something I am very passionate about. I can spend hours searching online just to make sure I would get the cheapest ticket. Here are my top 4 hacks that I use when buying plane tickets.

1.This is actually something I discovered quite recently, and I have to admit this did save me some euros.
Go incognito on your web browser.
This allows a person to browse the Web without storing local data that could be retrieved at a later date. Meaning that if you have previously searched for certain plane tickets, with incognito mode you can make sure that you are being presented with the lowest prices, and not being tricked into buying the expensive ones.

2.If you are a fan of web sites like or, then sometimes you can get even cheaper prices if you buy tickets straight from the airlines official site. For example few days ago I bought a ticket from Stockholm to Tallinn and checked for it. When I started to pay for the ticket, the webpage charged me extra for the type of credit card I am using. So just in case I checked the airlines official page, the price was the same but without the extra payment cost.

3.Usually you get the best price if you buy few months in advance, and especially this applies if you are planning to fly during a busy season (e.g. holidays) or you are planning an intercontinental trip. For example last year I visited Barcelona during New Years, and checked the tickets in August (they were under 200 Euros) but I expected the price to drop. Finally bought my ticket in November for 300 something euros. So if you spot a good deal, act on it, don’t wait.

4.If possible, be flexible with the dates. This guarantees you the best price. Usually when buying tickets they show you also the prices if you were to fly up to 3 days earlier or later than the date you have inserted to the search engine. This way you can choose the best time and ticket price combination.

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