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5 Tips to Communicate Effectively in Diverse Environments

Although employers and recruitment managers look for a diverse set of skills in every young person wanting to join their company, one of the most demanded skills in the 21st century remains Communication. Not only for professional purposes, communication plays a very important role in our personal lives as well. With that being said, the challenge that young people face concerning communication is the ability to communicate effectively in diverse environments, that’s why one of […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Join AIESEC

From the first day I joined AIESEC, I knew that it’s the beginning of a life-changing journey. I faced a lot of struggles but every struggle made me learn a new lesson and I keep learning about other fields, taking new positions and facing new challenges, which helped in developing my leadership skills. I also discovered what is happening in the world from problems and wars and I got aware why we should take steps […]

Be a young leader be a changemaker

It’s easy to say be a leader and change the world but it’s quite hard to apply it. To be a leader is to be able to listen to your team, to have the full knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses, to prepare the right atmosphere so they can work. to be honest and responsible, to have an opinion and accept challenges. You might think it’s even hard to do it, do I have all […]