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How did AIESEC change me?

My heart was beating unusually quickly out of anxiety mixed with excitement as I was on my way to the very first meeting with my future team. I was sitting in front of them. Strangers who will become colleagues, colleagues who will become friends. Yet I was incredibly quiet and shy. This new beginning felt […]

STARTER’17 – The first National Conference of the term 17/18

The AIESEC conference is an event, where every single piece of our actions (membership, the power of our vision, the work, our network etc) start/continue making sense & create a massive learning experience. It is a powerful weekend full of knowledge, fun and new/old friends. The conference is an opportunity for the members to receive trainings, […]

Sarnasused ja erinevused rahvusvahelistel konverentsidel

Mina olen Anna ja olen AIESEC in Tartu president. Olen AIESECis olnud üle pooleteise aasta ning selle aja jooksul olen käinud ka mitmel rahvusvahelisel konverentsil. Septembri viimasel nädalal käisin EuroCo-l – tegemist on Euroopa regiooni konverentsiga, mis toimus sel sügisel väikeses Hollandi linnas Venlos.   Minu jaoks oli see kolmas rahvusvaheline konverents, mistõttu oli mul […]

Youth Speak Contest

The Youth 4 Global Goals campaign was created to mobilise young people to take action towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. It has a set of initiatives aimed to make people aware about the Global Goals, understand them and take action. One part of the campaign is Youth Speak Survey: the survey got 162,292 […]

What is Youth Speak and Go Abroad with AIESEC Without Exchange Fee

About a year and a half ago, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals. During this time the initiative Youth4GlobalGoals become one of most powerful movements towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The reach has crossed more than 120 countries and territories around the world. Youth 4 Global Goals campaign […]

First Time Going Abroad with AIESEC

Aleksander is 21 years old, taller than most of us, and is currently a second year Food Technology student at Tallinn Technical University. After joining AIESEC in TUT this February his summer plans changed from doing internship in Tallinn to volunteering abroad. So what are exactly you doing this summer, Aleksander? I am going abroad […]

Mida kujutab endast AIESECi rahvusvaheline konverents?

Mina olen Laura, AIESEC in Tartu juhatuse liige. Eelmise aasta sügisel tekkis mul suur soov osaleda mõnel AIESECi rahvusvahelisel konverentsil. Olin ju poolteist aastat organisatsiooni liige olnud ning paljud teised sõbrad olid selle teekonna läbi teinud. Sügisel käisid kolm AIESEC in Estonia liiget Armeenias EuroCol ning nende kogemused panid mind veelgi enam mõtlema. Hakkasin vaikselt […]

3 Steps to Kick-Start Your International Career

Laura Liisa is 22 years old  foxy read head with a bubbling personality and with a go-getter attitude. As we wait for our breakfast to be served she turns to me with a big smile and asks :“ So, should we start now?“ So, Laura Liisa, spill the beans, how does a young person kick- […]

From Civil Engineering to IT Start-Up

Tell us a little about yourself My name is Kaspar, I’m 25 years old. I started my career as a civil engineer while also studying it in Tallinn University of Technology. My first three years were intense and interesting but over the years I started getting more into IT. Learning it on my own while […]