AIESEC OFFICE location in TLU.

Exact direction to the AIESEC in Tallinn University office: 

Hi everybody! 

It can be a little bit tricky to find our office at first, so I will give you a quick overview on how to find our cozy little rooftop office. 

The exact address of our office: Narva mnt 25, 5th floor, T-514. 

Enter from the Terra building, where you can see a Student cafe they offer really nice warm breads and pies (straight from the oven), cakes, morning porridge(!), soups, main courses, desserts, salads etc. Okay, moving on.. On the right hand of the administration lady, you have the stairs going up (so I mean the main stairs, right). Use them to go up to the 4th floor! By now you probably feel, “huh, that was nothing. And all those words on the stairs are pretty awesome!” Yeap, been there, done that. Well, once you´ve made it there, facing the wall, you can see quite tight stairs on a little bit on your left going upstairs. Yay! That´s it. So take those stairs as well and once you´re upstairs, walk in from the left door, turn to your left and follow the hall (once more left and then right) until you find room T-514 that has an AIESEC logo next to it. Yay! Please knock first and if you have not scheduled a meeting with us, please give us some heads up before coming by writing to us to our facebook page so we would be physically there. 

Tip. There actually is a possibility to cheat by taking the elevator from the first floor (or 2nd/3rd) of Astra to the 4th floor and then walking from there to the 4th floor of Terra and taking the same little stairs going up (now literally on your left hand) just before the stairs taking you down to Terra´s lower floors (going back to the Student cafe, yum). Happy hunting! 

Alright, loud and clear! Awesome! See you there. 

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