6 Things No One Tells You About Travelling

5am in Mui Ne after having travelled for 5 hours on a night bus, completely exhausted and amazed by the view.

1.Travelling is tiring
As exciting as travelling is, there will days where you just feel overwhelmed or exhausted. There will be days where you just don’t feel like doing anything or going anywhere. There will be days where you feel extremely frustrated (maybe due to language barrier, and not being able to communicate with the taxi driver and constantly ending up being lost in the city or 20 minutes late to everywhere). And it is totally normal, it does not mean that you are being ungrateful.

2.You don’t always have company.
It’s not all Instagrammable moments. Yes, it is true that you will meet lot of cool people during travelling but at the same time there are going to be many moments when you will be on your own. That is the perfect way to become more independent, and do exactly what you want and when you want.

3.Food will be an Issue
Even if you are someone like me, who likes to try out new things and experiment with new tastes, you are not always going to love the food. The struggle is bigger when you are allergic to or despise certain foods. One of my friends can’t stand the taste of coriander but 90% of dishes here in Vietnam are seasoned with coriander. Or if you’re vegetarian and you end up in a country where ‘vegetarian’ might just mean picking the ham off a pizza.

4.You will run out of money
I felt such a comfort and relief and I read that others struggle with money too. Even having planned out my budget back in Estonia and not going on crazy shopping splurges here in Vietnam, I seem to spend more than planned. For long-term travelling it is wise get a back-up credit card, sweet talk your parents and be prepared to work

5.You look at home differently
You will start to appreciate things you took for granted but at the same time develop more critical view on certain matters. Travelling gives you a new perspective and broadens your thinking.

6.Untold stories
The best stories and most memorable adventures will happen during travelling. And there will be stories and moments that you will not capture with your camera or will not be able to wholly re-tell to someone. But this is exactly why we travel and what we look for.

How Traveling Changes Your Perspective on the World?

Living in a developed country, there are many things that I take for granted. For example, I never pay too much attention to the fact how clean and fresh Estonian air is, or really appreciate our educational system. But something changes when you travel. Let me correct that, something changes when you travel outside of your comfort zone. There is a possibility that you will see and notice things that just might change your view on the world. During my first days in Ho Chi Minh City, I found it very difficult to breathe because of the air pollution. It is odd for me to think that people who have grown up here might not even know what it feels like to have their lungs filled with clean air and most likely they are unaware of the consequences polluted air has on their health. But they say that time heals all wounds, which translates to: with time you will get used to it. I have been here around 3 weeks, and I do not even notice the polluted air anymore.

Vietnam is becoming the new China and there’s a trend taking place right now, where companies relocated their manufacturing from China to Vietnam due to more cheap labor force and cheaper cost of logistics.

As someone who is used to living in a very safe environment (no natural disasters or major political crises), it is easy for me to be ignorant on the subject. I might be aware of the problems around me but it is different if you see first-hand how consumerism is directly affecting people’s life quality. And especially if that dangerous trend of consuming as much as possible and as fast as possible is combined with being uneducated on the aftermath effect. We see child obesity taking place in Vietnam (due to the introduction of fast food), crazy amount of plastic and trash lying around everywhere, and as mentioned before air pollution. Most of the factories that operate in Vietnam would not be allowed to operate in Europe due to major environmental policy violations.It is a quick and cheap way for Westerns to get rich on the expense of someone else, and at the same enjoy clean environment and wealth while someone else is paying for the consequences.

In AIESEC we do pay attention to such injustice and contribute to solutions. Check out our Global Volunteer programs, which are directly linked to educate young people across the world on matters like this. youth.aiesec.org.