Personal story. Why AIESEC.

Local Committee President

Iti My Kriisa, the President of AIESEC in Tallinn University in Term 15.16.

Hi there!

I´m going to share my experience and growth in the organization by bringing up 2 events that have made me realize my growth and experience.

First of all, the growth comes day by day and little by little but there are those specific points where you recognize the bigger impact the small moments have gathered together.

I have been in AIESEC as a Finance Coordinator, Team Leader, Vice President for projects and now currently the Local Committee President in TLU. From each of the named functions or positions I have learned different skills but mostly about myself and what I can do. About what I still want  to develop in myself to become the person I know I can be.

So getting to it – the first time when I really understood what experiences and growth AIESEC has given me.

It was back when I was the team leader for a volunteer project about cultural understanding in Estonian kindergartens. We were at the Tallinn airport waiting for our first volunteer to come. He had flown all the way from Mexico for way too many hours to even count and he was about to arrive any minute now. I was waiting, my team was waiting, his host family was waiting, you could feel the excitement in the air. And then he arrived – Christopher from Mexico was finally here in Tallinn! He smiled but you could clearly see that he managed to get a culture shock in the first minutes. But not  for long, don’t worry – he got over it and of course fell in love with Estonia like so many foreigners do.

But that moment made me think in admiration, that because of the hard work our team had done, there are going to be people from all around the world in Estonia for 6 weeks. That’s freaking amazing! Getting an experience on their own and at the same time impacting our Estonian community. And what a valuable experience our team got from working on a project from the scratch till the end.  Experience with teamwork, with specific skills and personal growth. And the beauty of it is that everyone has a different growth and experience, one that is needed for themselves, a very personal one.

For me it was an amazing project to lead and work on, it definitely had times when I was feeling like it’s all too hard and I don’t know how and what to do, but I learned by doing and this gave me the most growth. I’m so truly happy and grateful that I had the experience and that Chris from Mexico, Sara from Philippines, Vinthya from India, Vito from China, Görkem from Turkey and Rachel from Hong came to Estonia and my life. PS! I still plan to visit all of you in the next 5 years!

The second one was happening just recently and is more about realizing what I do not want to do and that has lead me to putting effort into changing my actions and stance. Being a team leader to six truly amazing girls is a challenge I knew I would like to take and that it’s most probably not going to be an easy one. Being the leader to TLU-s Executive Board is something that has made me think deeply about what I stand for as a person and what work ethic I want to develop in myself and around me, both now in AIESEC but as well later in the future in everything I do and work with.

Realizing that even when you have truly amazing individuals in your team, you can not get the team to work if you don’t put enough amount of work into it. Assuming that just because everything seems okay its going to go upwards without any effort. Every team needs a lot of work and as a leader it is your responsibility to give what the team needs, not what seems nice or convenient to the whole team.

This seems so obvious but in the process you still end up by learning the most by doing. You learn from your mistakes and if you take them as an opportunity to grow then that’s exactly what you do  – you grow.

Does not matter what you do in AIESEC or what position you have. From each and every one of them you learn and grow only when you put effort into it. You get back as much as you are willing to put in.


So take challenges and get out of your personal comfort zone!
Sincerely yours,
Iti My

6 weeks of volunteering experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015

Kersti Sarapuu (from Tallinn University)  – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Duration of project: 6 weeks
Type of Exchange: working for a cultural center (working out a marketing strategy and organizing an event)


I did my internship in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To be honest, I didn’t know almost anything about this country before I decided to go there. After applying to an internship in Mostar, and getting an approval, I started searching information about this country. The first thing I noticed was the beauty of this place.  Second thing I got to know was that this country is way more complicated than I imagined, for example it has 3 national languages and presidents.

During my internship I got to know a lot about Bosnia Herzegovina and Balkans in general. Their history and politics are really complicated but it was interesting to learn and talk about with locals.







Mostar is a quite small city in Herzegovina. There were 8 of us, all from different countries, working for a cultural center. Our task was to make them a marketing strategy with the aim of attracting youth to be more active in cultural field. We also organized an event called Rooftop Festival to attract young people and bring them to the cultural center.

People from Balkans are definitely different from Estonians. In my opinion, they are much more relaxed about everything. At first it was hard for me to get used to, especially when working,  but after couple of weeks, I really started to appreciate it and understood that there’s no need to hurry all the time. They know how to enjoy little things, for example they love drinking coffee and when in Estonia you see people running around with their coffee cups, in Mostar you see people sitting in coffee shops for hours, enjoying each others company and just relaxing.

During my internship I met so many people from all over the world. I worked and lived together with people from Romania, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Poland, Italy and Russia.

Not only did I get to know a lot about Bosnia and Herzegovina, I feel like I have visited all these countries because we spoke and compared our home countries a lot. We also attended different events where I met people from many other countries. It was really interesting to talk to them and see how they think, what’s common for them and what they know about Estonia.







After 6 weeks in Mostar I feel like I know more about different countries, religions and people than I had learned in my entire life.

If you’re looking for a great adventure and want to experience something new, this is definitely a good opportunity. I’m really glad that I decided to go on an exchange with AIESEC because it gave me a good experience in my professional field but also thought me so much about the world. We worked hard, partied hard and saw so many amazing places. I will never forget these 6 weeks.

AIESEC internship in Costa Rica, 2015

Joanna Annion (from Tallinn University)
Type of Exchange: mainly about teaching a foreign language to refugees and students on different levels


All in all my AIESEC internship in Costa Rica this summer was a great experience. I was looking for an internship in South/Central America to improve my Spanish. Costa Rica became an interesting option, because I’ve read that it is one of the safest countries in this area, which was really important for me. Also, It was very rich in flora and fauna combined with an interesting culture and friendly people. Furthermore, the project “Powerful Voice”, had a well-structured and professional job description as well as an interesting description of the Host LC, city and general environment. The project was mainly about teaching a foreign language to refugees and students on different levels. Beside English they offered French, German and Portuguese. In addition, we were supposed to present our culture, to explain basic cultural differences and to involve students in thinking about the bigger picture.

My preparation was very minimal as I already had most of vaccinations: I got 1 more for yellow fever, had to take care of travel insurance, book flights, buy a guide and pack my stuff! My journey was rather complicated as I tried to find the cheapest way to get there, which was with 5 flights. My host family was so kind to pick me up at the airport after a 20h journey and the first contact was nice. I had great family who was always there for me and ready to help. The food was always ready when I got home from work.

I was lucky with the other people in my project and the constellation was very international: 2 Portuguese, 1 German, 1 Suisse, 1 French, 1 Slovakian, 2 Brazilians, 1 US American.

During the first days we had some integration seminars and activities. Nevertheless, the workshops were not that well organized and the workshops could have been better prepared. Yet, I was very excited to start my project and it was interesting from the first day on. In ACAI, to where I had to drive about 1h from my home, I was teaching English to 3 different groups: 2 Beginner groups and 1 Intermediate group. It was challenging but also rewarding to teach a language from scratch on. All students were really motivated and passionate about learning new things, they asked for homework themselves, they had lots of questions (which were sometimes challenging for me as I am not a native speaker!) and participated full of energy during lessons.

IMG_20150708_093011 (1)



Also my supervisor was very happy to have me there and tried to support me with her full heart. With time, preparing lessons, explaining grammar, teaching new words and correcting self designed tests became routine and I was able to enjoy the good time spent together. After work I was regularly meeting the other interns and we hang out, once a week we went to dancing classes to learn salsa which was an amazing learning experience, we also met other Costaricans to hang around and tried to enjoy “Pura Vida” (the slogan of the Country which is used way too often and can mean everything from “Hello” to “thank you” and “that’s great!”)

Nevertheless every week I was looking forward for the weekend, as it was the time to travel and experience country and culture. Costa Rica has beautiful sights and spots: unique volcanoes, great rain forests, beautiful beaches, traditional activities like rodeo and adrenalin rushing adventures like ziplining or para-sailing.



The country is very diverse and interesting, but I was still a little disappointed and I think that it is over-hyped in general. Tourism has played an integral role for ages and that’s why people are very used to foreigners and also see them as a primary source of income. In general, the cost level in the country is very high (thanks to the foreign dollars that are flushed into the economy), although peoples salary is still comparably low. Anyway, it Is a perfect country to start exploring Central and South America as it is quite safe, it is easy to travel there and you have most of the time good western standard but also prices pretty high.

To sum up, my AIESEC internship was great thanks to the people that surrounded me but there are always problems between different people but that is just something you need to deal with during the internship.

STARTER’15 – The first National Conference of the term 15.16


The AIESEC conference is an event, where every single piece of our actions (membership, the power of our vision, the work, our network etc) start/continue making sense & create a massive learning experience. It is a powerful weekend full of knowledge, fun and new/old friends. The conference is an opportunity for the members to receive trainings, develop strategy, discuss issues, demonstrate leadership, learn and share about cultural differences, network &  have loads of fun.

In Estonia, in total, during the year we have 4 3-day conferences and we already have kicked off our term with the first National conference called STARTER’15.

The Theme of the Conference: The Global World (One World)

Organizer of the conference was LC Tartu and was held in Kõrveküla Põhikool.

8 facilitators from: Poland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Finland.

Shortly, in STARTER’15 we learned and discussed topics like:

  • The purpose of AIESEC’s existence and the unique way we achieve it.
  • What are some of the current issues happening in the world? Why does AIESEC need to exist today?
  • Announced the member roles for AIESEC in Estonia.
  • AIESEC’s unique platform to allow students to become leaders through practical experience.
  • Functional track, where the members got their basic knowledge on what they are going to do in their function.
  • AIESEC in Estonia.
  • Leadership.

We finished off the first evening with each LC, MC member, and international FACIs presenting a booth at Global Village (about their traditions) following a Movie Night themed socializing party. AIESEC in TLU created a little video to showcase what it is that we want to give to the members and to people connected to the organisation.

As mentioned, in the conferences we have lot’s of trainings and discussions, but we also have lot’s of energizers, traditions, games, coffee and snack breaks, socializing, meeting the ALUMNIs, have externals coming to share their stories and knowledge on different topics. The conference is held in English and includes lot’s of different nationalities.

And pictures say more than 1000 words.

I’d like to say that conferences really are so much fun and full of learning points and as no individual member has the same experience in AIESEC, neither is any conference the same!


2 months of volunteering experience in Taiwan, 2015

Olga Klebanovskaja (from Tallinn University)  – Taiwan R.O.C., Hsinchu County, Xinpu town
Hosting Chapter: NCTU, Connect The World Project
Duration of project: 28th of June – 7th of September
Type of Exchange: English language teaching in high school

This is Taiwan time, baby…

Before I started to search a project for myself, I already knew that I will go to Asia. Why Asia? Well, Europe sounds too boring, USA sounds too usual, Australia sounds too far away and Africa sounds too challenging. What about Asia? Asia is big. Asia is cheap. Asia is very beautiful, with ancient culture and  traditions. So, yes, it was time to say YES to Asia!

Oh… But… I totally forgot about the North Pole… Well, I still have one year to try, don’t I?!

So, I decided to spend my summer in Asia, but I wasn’t sure about the country as I was thinking about several places: mainland China, Taiwan and Thailand.  I was lucky to visit first two countries before so it is possible to say that „Big China“(mainland China) and „Small China“ (Taiwan) weren’t new for me. I had some experience in communications with local people, I knew how cities look like, what food they eat and what kind of culture in general they have. At the beginning I also thought about Thailand, but after several weeks I decided to exclude it from my list. I

t was the time to decide: Mainland China or Taiwan. Mainland’s China is big, with many old and beautiful cities, with different dialects, customs and cuisine. Many pluses. But for me Taiwan had the most strongest pros: visa-free for 90 days. Well, It may sounds strange for you but for me it was clear: This is Taiwan time, baby! I am going to „Small China“ with no need to apply for visa!

Here comes troubles, baby…

I knew that I wanted to work with kids. I thought this kind of job do not require a lot of skills and anyone who is more or less open and socialized can handle with this.
I found a very interesting project in Hsinchu city (megapolis near Taipei), Taiwan.  According to the description, the main tasks were to share your culture and to teach some English to school children. What’s more, local community will afford accommodation and pay for lunch and dinner. Wow, it sounds too good to be true so I decided to participate in this project.

Few weeks before my journey my Taiwanese manager Shelly informed me that there are some changes in my program: I will work not in one but in two different schools. In Guang Wu Municipal Junior High School (in Hsinchu city) and in St. Aloysius Senior High School (in Xinpu town). In Hsinchu city I will work only for three weeks so it would be smart for me to live in school dormitory in St. Aloysius school for the whole period in Xinpu town.

When me and my project partner Josef had arrived to our school (St. Aloysius Senior High School) in Xinpu, school teachers greeted and informed us that we will work in

a special technical high school. School with 1, 600 boys. And I remember I heard then my inside voice: What? Technical high school? Oh God, here comes trouble, baby…


Traditional students morning gathering in St. Aloysius High School. Xinpu town.

They are teenagers and they are boys, baby… 

Lets imagine: you are 22-year-old European girl walking somewhere in a very small Asian city. Of course everyone will stare at you, kids will shout “Hello” and men will look at you like you are a piece of pie. Very delicious, the sweetest and the biggest piece of pie.  Anytime you are walking on a street, or you are in a shop, or you’re having your lunch in a small restaurant, they will look. Again and again. Every time. Everywhere.

Attention is something you will be used to in Asia. Actually, that’s why I like Asians more than others. They behave like a kids. In a good way, of course. Whenever I  were communicating with locals in Taiwan (no Chinese from me and of course no English from them, only signs and poor knowledge of basic words), I always received a warm smile and a lot of kindness in their eyes.  I didn’t feel myself bad or unpleasant. I knew we will understand each others. Using signs, using smiles.

When I started to teach in my school. I… No no, before saying something about my amazing school, I should add very important information about my co-partners.


With Josef & Miami in Taichung city

During this summer I was working with two amazing people: Josef from Czech Republic and Natcharida from Thailand. They were 20 and 19. Natcharida was cool and funny, and Josef… Josef was 2 meters long. Now you can read my part about European girl – pie again and forget about this. Forget about this, because  when you are walking in a small Asian town with 2 meter blond boy, they will forget about you. They will stare at him, scream “Hello” to him. And he will be the most sweetest, biggest and beautiful piece of pie for local women!

Well, this is how it was outside school. Inside school, luckily or suddenly, I got all the attention. School children, boys from 16 to 19 weren’t interested in the topics we had discussed during our lessons. They didn’t want to listen to me. The only thing they really liked, was to look at me and and to ask many interesting questions. Interesting for them, of course.  I did my best to look calm and confident whenever they asked me: Do you have a boyfriend? Do you want to hang out with me? Are you free this Friday? Can you show us your photos? Come on, guys, I’m here to teach you! To help you to be more confident in speaking with foreigners. What are you  asking me, boys?!

Of course I’m lying. A little bit. I had a lot of wonderful lessons with them. We were talking about countries, cultures. I was representing Estonia and for me it was important to explain, what kind of culture we have and what are the main differences between European and Asian school educational systems. Youngsters were really surprised when I said that we don’t pay for school and university education. They were double surprised when I said that our government pays for school lunch, as in Taiwan education is not for free and lunch boxes in school are not free either. The most killing information for them was of course next: we don’t study during summer time. Ha ha ha!


With one of the student in St. Aloysius Technical School. Xinpu town.

They really enjoyed seeing the photos of our small country. To get to know something new about our festivals, traditional food – that’s what they really liked. But every time after the end of our lessons they asked me again and again, am I free this weekend and la la la… Teenagers, boys. Nothing I can do about this… They are teenagers, baby…

As regards my other, Guang Wu Minucipal Junior High School, I only had classes with 14 years old students. I think I could say that those kids were more cute and polite. But it is hard to say that they were more shy than senior high school students. No. They weren’t shy to ask questions about me and my private life as well. Oh Gosh, it will never end…


With my students from Guang Wu School. Hsinchu city.

 Guang Wu School really surprised me. Some students had almost the same English level as mine. I mean, speaking was very good and they were very confident. This is just „WOW“!

I remember one class gifted me traditional Taiwanese sweets, pineapple cake. Another class gifted me some noodles in packs. They didn’t realize that these small gifts really meant something for me.

But in general it was my pleasure to work in Guang Wu school for three weeks. Too sad I didn’t have more time to spend with the kids. The only fact is that almost everyday I had to wake up at 04:30 or at 05:00 o’clock. Because all the lessons starts at 8:00, and it took me 1,5 hours to go from one school to another, from one city to another. But it was nothing compared to all that positive emotions that I received from my students.


One of the classes in Guang Wu Junior High School. Hsinchu city.


The very beginning of our TV career. Xinpu town

During my work in St. Aloysius Technical High School I was also working for three days in special English camp. Each year our school organizes this camp during summer time for school children. School pays a lot of money for another organization who will hold this camp. But me, Josef and Miami were assisting foreign teachers (these were two women from South Africa and Russia).

Three of us were lucky as our school had invited local television to make a short interview with us. So as you may understand, we were famous in our county!

This is Asia, baby…

When you are traveling to Asia, you must be mentally prepared that Asia has a very hot weather. Especially during summer. Temperature may rise up to 40-45 degrees Celsius. And in any country with this tropical weather you will find a lot of unpleasant bugs. And on the top of this list I would definitely put a flying cockroaches. Big (like your middle finger), fat (like a small sausage), black disgusting cockroaches. And the only thing you can say: this is Asia, baby… Luckily school staff gave me and my co-partners some killing sprays. And you know, they really worked. But you know, it’s not easy to kill them. They are flying, and they are big! So, yes, I would conclude that I DO NOT miss you,  cockroaches!!!

Frogs and 1000 year eggs tastes amazing, baby!

What was the most craziest thing I did during my exchange? The craziest thing is that I had decided to go alone to Asia for more than two months. It wasn’t just traveling, I went there to work. To go out from your comfort zone, to work and to live with people you never met before – that is crazy! And fragment at the same time.


Taiwanese landscapes

01-07-2015 (5)

Eating taiyaki, dim sum, spicy beef noodles and cold red bean soup.

During my Taiwanese summer I was lucky to travel to many beautiful places. I visited biggest Taiwanese cities as Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Taipei, Hsinchu and Taichung. I travelled to Alishan Mountains and Sun Moon Lake. I visited lots of local temples and traditional houses. Taiwan had proved that there are much more than you expect. Mostly all Taiwanese counties are visited in these two months. Fast and crazy, isn’t it?

Now I can say that I had become a true Chinese food fan. Frogs and 1000 year eggs tastes amazing, baby! Even though eggs are black and they smells. Oh yes,  if we are talking about smells, I should mention amazing stinky tofu which I really really liked!  But of course there are much more dishes to try: dim sum, shabu-shabu, shaved ice with fruits, thousands recipes of noodles and dumplings, red bean soup, soya pudding, chicken wrap with sweet peanuts,  black chicken soup, Asian style pizza, fried rice with seafood, fried tofu with vegetables, pineapple cake, rice cookies, mangoes, yellow watermelons and of course milk tea with ice-cream or jelly bubbles inside. Should I continue?! I had tried all this things and that’s crazy. Crazy, but amazing!

They are amazing, baby…

I came back from Taiwan one month ago. And now I can say that mostly I miss people there. During my working days I met hundreds of great people. And some of them became very good friends of mine. I think here I will write a little bit about the people that in those two months have become very close people to me.


With my project partners Josef & Miami

Of course I met a lot of AIESEC’ers there: my project partners Natcharida and Josef. These two people did a lot to make my summer so special and amazing. Me and Miami shared same room for almost two months so now I can proudly say that I have a sister in Thailand.   And I’m sure that one day I will go to Bangkok to meet with my adorable panda again.


My birthday celebration with Deborah


Local and international AIESEC’ers, who helped me during this summer. Deborah, another international student from Malaysia was working with me in Guang Wu Junior High School. Thanks to her advices and help. What’s more, she was with me on my birthday. And I’m really happy that we had celebrated together.



Last minutes with Mrs Anita & her kids in the airport.

One of the most meaningful persons for me is teacher from St.Aloysius School, Mrs. Anita. During whole summer she took me and my partners to go out, to have dinner together, to play with her kids. She had invited me to join her family in three day trip around Taiwan. During  those days we visited so many unique and beautiful places! This trip had become a golden memory for me.  I also visited her sisters countryside house in the opposite side of Taiwanese island. She gifted me this amazing chance to see how Taiwanese people lives, what kind of houses they have, what they usually do and how they spend their free time. When it was time to say goodbye and go to the airport, I was invited to have my last dinner with her family. And she also drove me to the airport. She is very kind and amazing. I miss her a lot.


Night out with Josef, Miami & Peter.

Of course I must mention Peter, English teacher from St. Aloysius High School. We had some dinners together and nice walks after the end of working days. He was  six years older than me but I didn’t felt this age difference. He was always joking  and he was always positive.  Three days before my back flight we had our last dinner together. It was very nice but sad evening. Sometimes it’s hard to realize that you say goodbye to people. And you may never see each other again. Too hard to say goodbye to friends.


With adorable Ue.

I should also write about adorable Ue. Boy who graduated from St. Aloysius High School, spent all his summer with us. We (me, Josef & Miami) visited his house, traveled together to beautiful Nanliao, had lots of lunches and dinners together and of course all these days had become a very good memories for all of us. Hope to meet him in the nearest future again!

But of course I must write about our school principals, in both St. Aloysius and Guang Wu schools. I just want you to realize how good they treated me there.

Jerry, principal of St. Aloysius Technical High School on the first day of our arrival to school invited me and Josef to have a dinner together. In our first meeting I realized he is a very kind and helpful man. We are lucky to work with him in his school. He also invited me and my partners to his family gathering evening. It was very meaningful day for his family and it was a honor to be invited

We also had a day trip with all teachers from school to Chiayi city. We visited thematical park and soap factory. We had a lunch and dinner in two very unusual and special Chinese restaurants. Oh, it was just an amazing trip.


Day trip with teachers to Chiayi city..

When I had my last day in his school, he gave me two certificates about my teaching in school and about my participation in English Summer Camp. He also gifted me memorial gifts and said that he is thankful for my hard work. I was almost crying and said it was my pleasure to be work with them.

As regards my principal in Guang Wu Municipal Junior High School, we didn’t have much time to spend together as I had a lot of lessons and he had a lot of work as well. But let me tell you one story: Unexpectedly school workers added one class to my schedule and it was exactly on my birthday. It was my only class on that day so I didn’t have any other options than to go and to make that class for students happen. But they also said that school principal wants to have a lunch with me on that day.

On my birthday I came to school with heavy bags full of sweets and snacks for students. I thought it would be great to celebrate together. After my class many people were waiting for me to go to the restaurant together. There were some teachers, principal’s kids and wife. Suddenly principal was busy and he didn’t join us, BUT: in a restaurant teachers gifted me a cake and birthday presents as well. It was a small surprise for my birthday from school and from principal.


My amazing birthday cake.


Birthday celebration with teachers from Gung Wu School

I was shocked and amazed at the same time. People who even didn’t know me made this day so special and pleasant. I was almost crying as it was a very emotional and amazing moment for me.

As you can see, I am very lucky that I got exactly to these two schools and I got a chance to work with such an amazing people without exception: principals, teachers and students were the best!

You are still thinking, baby?!

If 12 pages of text, full of emotions and amazing photos is not enough for you to realize that AIESEC exchange programs are something you MUST try… I don’t know. In fact, this summer changed me completely. I mean, I came back home and I feel like I have changed inside a lot.

There is no better chance to escape for two months to another country, to live and to work there. You will get an experience that you could not get in your own country. You will have a chance to meet a lot of great people and visit lots of beautiful places. You will try something you haven’t tried before, you will have same lifestyle as locals. Isn’t it exciting and amazing?!

To be serious, if you guys have this opportunity to go, you should go! Because it will be a beginning of a new chapter in your life. And you will not realize it in the beginning, but just trust me. It will be fun! It will be challenging, of course it will be! It will be exciting! It will be just amazing! Do not loose your chance!

That’s all from me.
Xie xie and hugs,


Becoming a real Chinese…

The importance of the Team buildings in a company/organisation

It takes great leadership to build great teams. It takes fun & motivational planned events to build trusting environment. According to John Castro, the CEO of Merrill Corporation, “Trust is critical in business because it can make or break a team, and business can no longer survive without teams.”

Team building is beneficial for the team as a whole. That means that you get together with your whole group for a fun activity that is completely unrelated to work. It helps to build trust, friendship and get to know each of your team members as an individual person rather than just a co-worker.

In AIESEC in Tallinn University, team buildings are so to say obligatory for each team. In the beginning it might feel that people are kind of forced to communicate, but through that they can discover that they enjoy the interaction & continue to network & bond. Those who previously may not have been getting along will get to interact with each other on a more relaxed ground, forgetting their differences in order to overcome an obstacle as they work together for a common goal. Therefore, team building is the key to create opportunities for networks & friendships to develop

For you as a leader, team building means that you are investing the time to understand how your team members function and what is needed to motivate them to take that extra step. Knowing how all of your team members as individuals think helps to make wise decisions to better utilize their competencies at all times.

You, as a team, can have a great evening dining in a local restaurant or challenge yourselves in an adventure park – the options are limitless, but always remember that a great team building does not necessary mean lot’s of organizing and high expenses, sometimes the simplicity is the key. The people participating matter. For example we, the Executive Board of AIESEC in Tallinn University, had our latest team bonding in Kuulsaal playing bowling, having some light snacks and just enjoying each others company.

In that sense Kuulsaal and AIESEC share the same value – enjoying participation. Kuulsaal also holds fun events for its workers to enjoy each others company outside of work and spend time together. Furthermore, Kuulsaal was kind enough to provide us with gift cards, so keep your eyes on us and find out when and how we are giving them away!

With that said, it’s Thursday – you may be looking for something to do. Whether you think it’s a sport or not, go to Kuulsaal, bowl a few games, and just have some fun. Maybe you’ll even find it is a common interest and start having it as a regular event with the group of work buddies to have a good time on Thursday nights.



Ribbet collagef