10 Reasons Why You Should Join AIESEC

From the first day I joined AIESEC, I knew that it’s the beginning of a life-changing journey. I faced a lot of struggles but every struggle made me learn a new lesson and I keep learning about other fields, taking new positions and facing new challenges, which helped in developing my leadership skills. I also discovered what is happening in the world from problems and wars and I got aware why we should take steps and search for solutions to reach peace.
If I continue describing how AIESEC changed my life I won’t finish and if you have been asking yourself why you need to join it, here are 10 reasons why you should:

1. You will have an experience more valuable than your degree:

Do you want to keep studying and not execute what you learned? Do you want to stay in your comfort zone? Well, you won’t develop anything if you don’t experiment your information. AIESEC is the right place to shape your future by taking its opportunities and making a difference.

2. You will develop your leadership skills :

AIESEC will provide you with a dynamic environment in which you will be able to apply your leadership abilities on a global scale, improve your skills and challenge your own perspectives about yourself and the world around you.

3. You will discover the world:

AIESEC is about exchange it is the core product and all of those changes come from it, change of mind, change of soul and every change you will go through. It is the perfect opportunity for you to go explore new horizons, it is about creating an impact while traveling and exploring the world through the different volunteering and internship opportunities we offer to youth.

4. You will become a world citizen:

You will get the chance to experience different cultures, traditions, and feelings that connect with others and open your eyes to a new world and through that, you will break all the stereotypes.

5. You will build a wide international network:

By developing international friendships and creating new professional relationships, you will have a very wide network that can be beneficial to you in all the areas of your life.

6. You will contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals:

AIESEC contributes to achieving UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by mobilizing and developing young leaders to create awareness, seek for solutions and take action to reach peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.

7/ You will discover your passions:

I am a medicine student and before joining AIESEC I was just seeking to develop myself in this field, but after I joined it I discovered that I love marketing and from that moment I became eager to develop my skills and to learn more about it.

Joining AIESEC is like having an internal world just for you, so you will have the time to find your passion and to develop what you really love to do.

8. You will learn new skills, new languages, new things:

By joining AIESEC you will get the chance to acquire new skills in different fields, such as negotiation skills, public speaking, problem-solving and many others, and the best part about it is that you will have the chance to apply and experiment with these skills. It’s a great opportunity, isn’t it?

9. You will develop a strong personal brand:

The moment you find your passion and you start supporting it with all the skills that you developed, you will create a strong personal brand in that field through AIESEC’s leadership opportunities, whether it is in Marketing or Business Development or any other field.

10. It’s all about memories:

You will feel it when you become an AIESECer and you just start talking with your friend about AIESEC 24H/Day, it’s all about memories and the great moments you lived while changing your life for the best.

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